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Miscellaneous Australian Notes

Various "currencies", coupons, redeemable paper items, advertising resembling paper money and political "funny money"

Miscellaneous Australian Notes
Various "currencies", coupons, redeemable paper items, advertising resembling paper money and political "funny money"



Autor:Michael P. Vort-Ronald
Seiten: 120
Format: 297 x 206 mm
Verlag: Banking and Currency Museum, Kadina, South Australia
Auflage: First edition, Second printing, 2007
Sprache: Englisch

online bestellen:
ISBN 0-9757503-4-8



Part 1, "Currencies"
Colony of New Australia, Paraguay
Fanning Island Plantations Ltd.
German New Guinea
Hay Internment Camp
Hutt River Province
Kelling Cocos Islands
Royal Bank of Avram

Part 2, Miscellaneous
Adelaide Casino
Adelaide Royal Bank
Amalgamated Mining Emplyees Association
Australia/Egypt National Bank of Good Luck
Australian Republican dollars
Bank of Brighton
Bank of Good Fortune, Bank of Good Value
Bank of In depen dence
Bank of South Yarra
Bear, N.D. & Co., Boots & Clements
Bradbury Wilkinson & Co., Brown G.R.
Burns, Joseph Henry, Bank of Fashion
Canteen Orders, Australian Army/Defence Canteens Service
Carmichael, J.C.
Child Endowment Orders
Chilwell Store
Colonial and English Boots, Bank of Independence
Colonial Art of Australia
Colonial Bank of Impudence
Commercial Hotel, Yass
Cruise currency
CSIRO dollars
De La Rue, Thomas
Eagle Tobacco Company Ltd.
Edward, Thomas
Foy & Gibson (W.A.) Ltd.
Fuller, J.
Geelong Chronicle
General Expenditure Redemption Company
Goulston, M.
Greenvale tourist dollars
Hazell, H.
Jacobs & C.
Japanese Occupations notes
Jones, William
Lambert, Henry, Bank of Good Value
Lane Brothers, Bank of Good Value
Levy, Joseph and Co.
Luscombe's Club Hotel
McCathie, Mrs.
Metropolitan Business College Bank
Mitchell Maid, Movie World
Mordoch's Ltd.
North Melbourne Boot Co.
Organisation Giori
Overell, W.J. & Sons
Plowman's Drapery Store
Redden & Mellor
Reed's Noted Sample Stores
Republic of Australia
Rockman's Variety Stores
Samuel Brothers
Serviss, J.C. Bank of Good Value
Simpson, H.L. & Co. Ltd.
Specimen Chartered Bank
Stewart, James & Co. Pty. Ltd.
Stubbs Bros.
T. & G. Mutual Life Society
Traders Advertising Co. Pty. Ltd.
Trading notes - Motivational Sales
Trading notes - Reserve Bank of Australia
Trading notes - Royal Australian Army Pay Corps
Trading notes - Woolworths Ltd.
Universal Currency Bond
War Savings Certificates
World Expo 88

Part 3, Political Propaganda and Industrial Notes
Various forms of political or propaganda resembling notes
Author and Publications