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Kansas Paper Money

An Illustrated History,

1854 - 1935

Kansas Paper Money
An Illustrated History,
1854 - 1935



Autor: Steve Whitfield
Edited by Fred Reed Seiten: 257
Verlag: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, Jefferson, North Carolina, and London
Auflage: Originally published in 1931, Reprint 1985
Sprache: Englisch

online bestellen:
ISBN 978-0-7864-4132-7


Table of Contents

Photographic Credits
How to Use This Book
Introduction: Kansas Banking History

I - Territorial Period, May 30, 1854-January 29, 1861

II - Statehood Period, January 29, 1861-June 1, 1861

III - Civil War Crisis, 1861-1863

IV - Post-Civil War Period, 1866-1879

V - Miscellaneous Script Period, 1870-1930s

VI - National Bank Note Period, 1864-1935

Appendices:<br> A. Modern Reproductions
B. Altered Notes
C. Known Written Denomination Scrip
D. Pre-1863 Banks That May Have Issued Scrip
E. Printers and Engravers on Pre-1880 Notes
F. Round Cardboard Tokens
G. Reported Serial Numbers on Rare Notes
H. Notices of Scrip Issues in Newspapers