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The Indian Hundi

The Indian Hundi



Autor:James F. Frayne
Seiten: 253
Format: 210 x 147 mm
Verlag: Montana Publishers, Milton Keynes UK
Auflage: 2017
Sprache: Englisch

online bestellen:
ISBN 978-1-326-87077-5


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The peculiar and somewhat unique nature of the Indan Hundi places it in a dubious category and were it not for its latter day application, it would have been difficult to regard it in any way a paper money. Yet the introduction of the Khadi Hundis in the mid 20th century has necessarily raised the status of hindis, in general, much nearer to money than to that of script.

Hundis refer to financial instruments which evolved on the Indian sub-continent and appear to have been in use there from at least the sixteenth century. They were used in trade and credit transactions and, as such, were used as remittance instruments for the purpose of transfer of funds from one place to another. In the days of the Princely States and the British Raj these hundis served as Travellers Cheques. They were also used as credit instruments for borrowing and as bills of exchange for trade transactions.