Buch: The Coins and Banknotes of Finland

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The Coins and Banknotes of Finland

The Coins and Banknotes of Finland



Autor: Tuukka Talvio
Seiten: 200
Format: 285 x 215 mm
Verlag: Bank of Finland - Suomen Pankki - Finlands Bank, Helsinki
Auflage: Second edition 2003
Sprache: Englisch

online bestellen:
ISBN 952-462-034-0



1 Money in Finland before 1809
The Prehistoric Finds
Minting in Finland in the 11th Century
The Swedish Period
Minting in Turku in the 15th and 16th Centuries
Local Paper Money at the End of the Swedish Period
The Use of Russian Money in Finland before 1808

2 The Rouble Period
The Bank of Finland and Its First Note
The 1840 Reform
Coinage Projects

3 The Markka
From the Crimean War to 1860
The 1865 Reform
The Gold Standard
The Use of Russian Money after 1865;
Attempts at Suppressing the Finnish Monetary System

4 The Coinage, 1864 - 1917
The Founding of the Mint
The Coin Types
Engraving of the Dies

5 The Banknotes, 1860 - 1917
The First Markka Banknotes
Printing Banknotes in Copenhagen
The Founding of the Security Printing House in Helsinki
Printing with Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co.
Eliel Saarinen as a Banknote Designer (1)
The Small War-Time Notes
The Notes of Suomen Yhdyspankki

6 The Markka since 1917
A Short-Lived Return to the Gold Standard
From the 'Clippping' of the Banknotes to the Reform of 1963
From Currency Indexes to the End of
the Markka

7 The Coinage after 1917
The Mint
Engraving of the Dies
The Coin Types and Minting

8 The Banknotes after 1917
The Security Printing House
Legal and Illegal Banknotes in 1918
Eliel Saarinen as a Banknote Designer (2)
The Notes Designed by Aarne Karjalainen and Signe Hammarsten Jansson
The Notes Designed by Tapio Wirkkala
Partial Renovation, 1975 - 1980
Overall Reform, 1986 - 1993

9 The Commemorative Coins

10 Into the Euro Age
Designing the Coins and Banknotes
The Coins
The Banknotes

Catalogue of Coins
Catalogue of Banknotes
Catalogue of Commemorative Coins
Sources an Literature
Index of Names