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The Banker's Art

Studies in Paper Money

The Banker's Art
Studies in Paper Money



Herausgeber: Virginia Hewitt
Seiten: 168
Format: 245 x 190 mm
Verlag: British Museum Press, London
Auflage: 1995
Sprache: Englisch

online bestellen:
ISBN 0-7141-0879-0


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The paper money we use today has evolved through centuries of trial and error in which individuals have risked their reputations, their fortunes and sometimes their lives. This book explores facets of that erratic history in a series of papers first presented at an international conference to mark the 300th anniversary of the Bank of England in 1994.

The papers cover a wide span of time and place, from the seventeenth century to the present day, from Stockholm to Shanghai, discussing both legitimate plans to supply nations with currency and less honourable attempts to overthrow goverments. Different approaches to issuing, manufacturing and designing paper money are examined through a diverse range of topics, including the creation of Europe's first banknotes, early experiments with colour printing, and the use of imagery to inspire patriotic faith. All are placed in a wider context, revealing the influence of revolution and war, art and technology, political intrigue and even illicit romance. Each of the essays in the volume contributes highly focused current research into the history of paper money; together they show that the banker's art is at heart a very human drama.

Viginia Hewitt is curator of paper money at the Department of Coins and Medals at the British Museum. She is author of Beauty and the Banknote: Images of Women on Paper Money (1994), and co-author of As Good as Gold: 300 Years of British Banknote Design (1987). She is currently working on a catalogue of English provincial banknotes held in the British Museum.


Virginia Hewitt: Introduction

Part One
Issuing Paper Money - Cause and Effect
Ian Wiséhn: 1 Sweden's Stockholm Banco and the first European banknotes-
Douglas B. Ball: 2 The influence of the Bank of England and the Scottish banks on American banking, 1781 - 1913
H. W. Jacobi: 3 Paper for silver: Dutch coin notes and silver notes
Erika Garami: 4 Louis Kossuth's banknote issue and legal case in London in 1861
Peter Bower: 5 Economic warfare: banknote forgery as a deliberate weapon
Joe Cribb: 6 A case study: classifying the notes of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Corporation, 1865 - 1898

Part Two
Making Paper Money - Design and Symbolism
Maureen Greenland: 7 Compound-plate printing and the nineteenth-century banknote
Teresa Tortella: 8 Printing Spanish banknotes in England, 1850 - 1938
Helen Wang: 9 Late Qing paper money from Dianshizhai and other printing houses in Shanghai, 1905 - 1912
Richard G. Doty: 10 Surviving images, forgotten peoples: Native Americans, women, and African Americans on United States obsolete banknotes
Guy R. Swanson: 11 Agents of culture and nationalism: the Confederate Treasury and Confederate currency
Tuukka Talvio: 12 'Something characteristic of our land': Eliel Saarinen as a banknote designer
Elsa Lizalde Chavez: 13 A legend tumbles down: the gypsy on the Banco de México five peso note printed by the American Bank Note Company
Virginia Hewitt: 14 Soft images, hard currency: the portrayal of women on paper money