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Evgeniy I. Owsyankin

The Archangelsk money

(Архангельские деньги)

  • 2. Auflage 2008
  • Format: 13.8 cm * 17.4 cm
  • 214 Seiten
  • Hardcover
  • Verlag: Truth of the North, Archangelsk, Russia
  • ISBN 978-5-85879-458-5

The book is devoted to the little know history of emission in the Northern region of Russia. "The Archangelsk money" – "morgovkies", "tchaikovkies", different cheques and banknotes – were printed in Petrograd, Archangelsk, London, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, Shenkursk, Velsk and Kargopol in the years of the Civil War. All money documents discovered up to January, 1, 2008 are included to catalogue.
The edition is addressed to the widest circle of readers: the collectors-boniests, historians, museum's and library's employees, investigators of local history, all interested of the Archangelsk North's history.
This book is the second the edition, supplemented and remaked.

In Russian language

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