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Albert I. Malyshev, Vladimir I. Tarankov, Igor N. Smirenny

Paper money of Russia and the USSR

In Russian pronunciation: Bumazhnye denezhnye znaki Rossii i SSSR

  • Auflage 1991
  • Format: 17 cm * 22.3 cm
  • 496 Seiten
  • Verlag: Finance and statistics, Moscow, Russia
  • ISBN 5-279-00326-3

This book “Paper Money of Russia and the USSR” was originally planned by the authors as a catalogue of paper money of Russia and the USSR intended only for paper money collectors and those working at numismatic sections of museums. However, numerous articles which appeared of late in periodicals and the popularity of historic publications show the readers' keen interest to the history of our country. One of its aspects is the history of currency circulation including the emissions of paper money in Russia and the USSR. As to the number of emissions (especially in the period of the Civil war) our country is a leader.
As a result of this interest new chapters have been added to the future book. These chapters describe in a popular form the history of money origination and circulation in Russia and the USSR, the establishment and activities of the State Notes Printing House (today called Goznak). Also added is the chapter on paper money falsification provided with unique illustrations of false notes of tsarist Russia, the Provisional Government and the first years of Soviet power.
For the first time a fully illustrated catalogue evaluating the collection rarity of paper money of Russia and the USSR is provided in the book. Also presented are photos of the rarest paper moneys from the collections of Moscow paper money collectors sometimes survived as single copies. For the first time in our country the authors have made an attempt to provide an illustrated description of watermarks used in money paper production for more than 200 years, as well as the State Emblems of the Russian Empire, the Provisional Government, the RSFSR and the USSR shown on paper money.
The reader will find a lot of information on paper money collecting as well as useful recommendations on its storage and restoration.

In Russian language (Only the introduction in English)

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