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Paper Money of Congo


Paper Money of Congo



Autor: Jean-Claude Martiny
Seiten: 659
Format: 305 x 295 mm
Verlag: Artja - art & heritage books (Ghent) and Spink Books (London) 2023
Sprache: Englisch

online bestellen:
ISBN 978-94-6436-814-7


Ein Prachtband! Ein gewichtiges Buch nicht nur wegen seines Gewichts!

This book descibes the history of all the treasury notes issued by the Congo Free State in 1896 and all the banknotes issued by the Bank of Belgian Congo form 1912 to 1952 and by the Bani of Belgian Congo and Ruanda-urundi until Congo's independence in 1960. Using unpublished archival documents from at home and abroad, all projects and actual issues are discussed in detail with the exception of the banknotes issued during the Second World War, since the Bank of Belgian Congo had relocated its activities to London and Kinshasa, and documents of that period appear to have been lost during the air raids on London.