Buch: Czarist Russian Paper Money 1769 - 1917

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Czarist Russian Paper Money 1769 - 1917

Czarist Russian Paper Money 1769 - 1917
Czarist Russian Paper Money 1769 - 1917



Autor: Hannu Paatela
Seiten: 160
Format: 302 x 215 mm
Verlag: Holmasto Coins and Medals Publisher, Helsinki, Finnland
Auflage: Auflage 1980
Sprache: Englisch

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ISBN 951-99252-0-1 hard cover
ISBN 951-99252-1-X paper cover


This reference book will be of great value to anyone interested in knowing more about the Czars and their paper money whether he she be a numismatist or a historian.
This volume of 160 pages, with some 450 pictures – some 150 of them in full color, is the first one to offer survey of the field of Imperial Russian paper money.
This volume clearly illustrates, through outstanding and colorful bank notes of Catherine II, Paul I, Alexander I, Nicholas I, Alexander II, Alexander III, Nicholas II, the Czarist paper money history. Simultaneously the book gives a touch to the magnificent pomp and brilliance of the Czarist era.