Buch: Beauty and the Banknote

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Beauty and the Banknote

Images of Women on Paper Money

Beauty and the Banknote



Autor: Virginia Hewitt
Seiten: 64
Format:246 x 190 mm
Verlag: British Museum Press, London
Auflage: 1994
Sprache: Englisch

online bestellen:
ISBN 0-7141-0877-4


Das Buch erschien anläßlich einer Ausstellung in British Museum vom 17. Mai bis 18. September 1994.

Aus dem Rückseitentext:
From cool allegory to haughty beauty, images of women have adorned paper money across the world for almost two hundred years. Proud Britannias and crowned monarchs, glamour-girls and cotton-pickers have all been summonedto proclaim the wealth of a bank, the power of a state, or the glory of a nation. Beyond their official role, however, the reveal how female figures on mass-produced objects both reflect and reinforce our conflicting pereceptions of women and their place in society.