Buch: Bank Notes of Armenia

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Bank Notes of Armenia

Bank Notes of Armenia



Autor:Y. T. Nercessian
Seiten: 414 (222 pages + 192 plates pages)
Format: 235 x 155 mm
Verlag: Armenian Numismatic Society, Los Angeles, USA
Auflage: Auflage 1988
Sprache: Englisch<br
online bestellen:
ISBN 0-9606842-5-5


Bank Notes of Armenia has been prepared to record, study, and chronicle the paper money which circulated in Armenia from 1918 to the last 1920s. Despite the fact that these bank notes are only 60 to 70 years old, it has proven difficult to obtain information about them by contacting various institutions in the United States, England, the Soviet Union, and even Armenia. Nevertheless, this book offers the scholar and the student every type of information which the author could extract from a bank note.