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Bank Al-Maghrib

Bank Al-Maghrib



Herausgeber: Bank Al-Maghrib
Seiten: 73
Format 298 x 210 mm
Leineneinband mit Schutzumschlag
Verlag: Bank Al-Maghrib, Rabatt, Marokko
Auflage: Auflage 1987
Sprache: Englisch

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Preface by Mr. Ahmed Bennani, Governor of the Bank Al-Maghrib
Morocco's financial past
Marocco in ancient times
The Islamisation of the Maghreb and the formation of the Moroccan State
The great empires
The Sherifian dynasties
The State Bank of Morocco (1907 - 1959)
The Bank Al-Maghrib
The creation of the Bank Al-Maghrib
The Bank's Articles of Association
Role and powers
Creation or renewal of specialised organisations
The functions of regulation and supervision esercised by the Bank Al-Maghrib
Foundation and pursuit of monetary policy
The Bank of today and tomorrow
Assessement of the economic and financial situation
The results
Growth and equilibria
Present and future contributions of the Bank Al-Maghrib
The Bank Al-Maghrib and the future