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Lietuvos Banknotai - Lithuanian Banknotes

Dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of the Bank of Lithuania and the Litas

Lietuvos Banknotai - Lithuanian Banknotes



Autor: J. Galkus u. a.
Seiten: 244
Vertrieb: Lietuvos Bankas, Vilnius
Auflage: 2002
Sprache: Litauisch und Englisch

online bestellen:
ISBN 9986-651-31-X


Publication issued by the Printing and Publishing Division of the Bank of Lithuania; Compiled by J.Galkus, Text by A.Dulkys, J.Galkus, Editorial board V.Aleksiejunas, N.Baltruniene, A.Dulkys, Designed by B.Leonavicius, Consultant A.Dulkys, Edited by R.Maciene, Translated by D.Augulyte, R.Lipinskas, D.Satiene, Translation edited by A.Gaizauskas.

The book reviews the peculiarities of banknote design and production, their history in the world and in Lithuania, mainly focusing on modern Lithuanian banknotes. Banknote composition, placement of artistic and security features and their interrelationship are discussed.

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