Buch: Jewish Paper Money in Russia

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Dmitri Kharitonov

Jewish Paper Money in Russia = Бумажные деньги еврейских общин в России


  • Auflage 2003
  • Format: 14.8 cm * 21 cm
  • 136 Seiten (komplett farbig)
  • Broschur
  • Verlag: Partner Praha s. r. o., Praha, Czech Republic
  • ISBN 80-239-0258-X

Catalogue of paper money issued by Jewish communities in Russia as a means of payment in the period 1917-1920.

Detailed description of about 300 notes
More than 200 original colour photos
Many notes are published for the first time
Indication of variety, rarity and market valuation in Euro for two grades

In English and Russian language