Buch: Promises to Pay

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Promises to Pay

The First Three Hundred Years of Bank of England Notes

Promises to Pay
The First Three Hundred Years of Bank of England Notes



Autor: Derrick Byatt
Herausgeber: Bank of England
Seiten: 245
Format: 276 x 230 mm
Leineneinband mit Schutzumschlag
Verlag: Spink & Son Limited
Auflage: 1994
Sprache: Englisch

online bestellen:
ISBN 0-907605-50-8


Aus dem Umschlagtext:

This book is published as part of the official programme of the Bank of England to commemorate the Tercentenary of its foundation in 1694. Unique access was allowed to a wealth of hitherto unavailable material in the Bank's Archive, relative to design, production, numbering, forgery, lost and damaged notes. The Bank's priceless Museum collections, too, habe been drawn on fully in the selection of the many illustrations in colour and black and white.

The text follows a broadly chronological path along which the Old Lady of Threadnnedle Street is seen to be forever striving to produce the ultimate medium of currency: the inimitable note. The story begins wiht issues in 1694 under the first Governor, Sir John Houblon, end ends fittingly with the £50 note in Series E which features Sir John on the reverse, thus completing the 300 year cycle of the Bank's 'promises to pay'.